The Power of the Mastermind

The Fast 5. The Mastermind. We have been given many names, though ultimately we are referred to as The Lucent Board of Directors.


Why do we exist?

Through our collaborative efforts, we constantly strive to enhance the human society by building wealth through innovative investments in businesses that will empower the future and by giving back to society, emphasizing on the privilege of anonymous giving.


What do we do?

We invest into public and private businesses with the goal of generating a compounding net return of 20% per annum (20% CAGR).

We have also been sharing our knowledge and findings to the public through private-sharing events, and as invited speakers in universities and seminars.


What does our logo signify?

The 3 sails of a sturdy ship signify the company’s adherence to our 3 core principles of Integrity, patience and consistency towards investing shareholders as it journeys through rough seas of finance exploring new territories to unearth hidden champions.

STANDING (LEFT TO RIGHT): Daniel Chin, Terry Tan

SEATED (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dr Darren Chhoa, Richard Lim, Adrian Teu

LIM KIAN MING, RICHARD – Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer of Lucent Asset Management.

Richard joined Lucent in 2016 as part of the founding members. He is the key decision maker and captain of the company. His roots in investments started its growth since 2008, during the peak of the Great Financial Crisis, which also happen to be the exact year he graduated from his alma mater in Multimedia University and started his first job. Since his university years, he has personally seen the beneficial effects and firmly believed in power of entrepreneurship, with the aim to impart his knowledge of business and investing to others by providing free education in the future. Since graduation, he has been ‘serially-entepreneuring’ in various sectors including logistics, material recovery, technology and property. He currently models his business ventures after the listed company BONVEST LTD (SGX:B28)

Richard holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering. He has a LOMA certification from his corporate experience in Manulife Berhad. He is well versed in .NET programming language as a full stack software developer. He currently aspires to pursue an MBA in Columbia University.

ADRIAN TEU ADING TONGGIL – Co-founder, Chief Investment Officer of Lucent Asset Management.

Mr Adrian joined Lucent in 2016 as part of the founding members. He is the key figure for the investment work in the company and is also the head of research of Mastermind Core, a subsidiary of Lucent Asset Management. He graduated with an honours degree (Dual Award) in Finance & Investment from Coventry University, UK but his fascination with investing over more than last decades has led him to acquire an eccentric insight into the equity markets and economies.

A “zealot’s” passion has enabled him to be very familiar with the different methods of investment analysis and approaches – understanding their strength and weaknesses and suitability of each to different investment objectives and circumstances.

Asian’s business model and management governance culture is different with western world. As a result, he wanted to blend his investing skills and knowledge with “Asian Equities Jungle”. This allowed him and his team to have the unique ability to invent the value investing philosophy in Asian markets.

Prior to his working experience in Lucent, he has been involved several startup business and working in corporate firms, and is currently holding a senior officer position in United Overseas Bank Malaysia. He currently aspires to pursue a Master’s Degree in Corporate Governance.

Quoting John C. Bogle, The Clash of the Cultures: Investment vs. Speculation: “But most short-term renters of stocks are not particularly interested in assuring that corporate governance is focused on placing the interests of the stockholder first.”


Dr. DARREN CHHOA YEN FENG – Co-founder, Corporate Development Officer of Lucent Asset Management.

Dr. Darren joined Lucent in 2016 as part of the founding members. He is in charge of leading the corporate development division in charge of designing corporate strategies for the company.

He started off his practice in general medicine but has always been fond of the financial market. He believes in entrepreneurship as a way of life and continues to pursue his passion in both business and investment during his spare time. He has also worked as a medical advisor in the insurance industry and is currently holding the position as a deputy medical director in Fullerton Healthcare Corporation Limited for his day job.

Dr. Darren holds a Medical Degree (MD) from Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy, Russia. He is certified in both General and Health Insurance by the Singapore College of Insurance and is also a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner certified under the Society of NLP founded by Dr Richard Bandler. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership from the Singapore Management University. He currently aspires to pursue an MBA.

DANIEL CHIN ZHAO BING – Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer of Lucent Asset Management.

Mr. Daniel joined Lucent Asset Management in 2017. He is currently serving as COO and Head of Treasury for Lucent Asset Management.

In addition, he is also working as a project design engineer in Haarslev Industries Sdn Bhd and is involved with project management, costing and project site coordination. Prior to this, he spent 3 years serving as project engineer in several engineering companies in both Malaysia and Singapore.

Mr. Daniel holds a Master in Engineering for Chemical and Environmental Engineering from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. He is a member of Board of Engineers Malaysia.

TERRY TAN KWANG CHUN – Co-founder, Executive Vice President, Operations of Lucent Asset Management.

Mr Terry joined Lucent in 2016 as part of the founding members. He is currently serving as the EVP of Operations and is working together with Daniel to spearhead the executive actions and operations of the company. He is a persistent investor who passionate with share investment and analyze company with trained engineering background sense.

Mr Terry holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer and communication systems engineering.

Our History

The Beginnings

September 2015

All 5 of us graduated from an equity investment course called Millionaire Investment Program (MIP) from 8i Holdings Limited in 2015. That was where we found our common  ideology towards investments.

28 August 2016

Through sheer luck and resolve, the four original co-founders met and decided to take action in collaborative investing approach.

19 December 2016

We got to recruit Daniel as an equity analyst, and he has proven to be a solidly made decision to the team.

26 Feb 2018

We held our first public-sharing meeting meant to share our equity analysis and investment strategies, but no one came. We did watch an entire documentary about the legendary Warren Buffett though! A productive day indeed.

28 May 2017

A couple of months later, people started to learn about our activities and started joining us. We continued our monthly sharing of equity analysis and in return we gained insights on public sentiment and also met a great number of new friends!

4 August 2017

Our team took the initiative to organize a public factory site visit to a green-enabler company called Tex-Cycle Berhad, that focuses on recycling. What an experience!

13 October 2017

We had an opportunity to visit the Hartalega factory site and identify their business advantages and unique models of operation. From this event we understand the importance of scuttlebutt.

15 October 2017

We began recruiting new analysts into our team, under our subsidiary called Mastermind Core to work on analyzing businesses, management teams, valuations and industries. Meanwhile we continued to share our research, and remain vested in great companies we found.

28 October 2017

Our meetup with the management team of Salutica Berhad, a listed company in Malaysia that develops bluetooth devices.

2 Apr 2018

We got invited to share our investment analysis and techniques to the students of Sunway University.

19 May 2018

Our team began organizing formal investment sharing events every quarter to public attendees looking to learn more about the unique tricks to invest with sustainable compounding returns.

2 June 2018

We organized a field trip to meet up with the local celebrity investor, Koon Yew Yin.

30 June 2018

We organized a meetup session with stock blogger team Stock Insights and exchanged a great deal of knowledge and investing concepts!

21 July 2018

Our recent impromptu gathering of fellow investors in NuSentral.

26 Aug 2018

Our business meeting discussing about the current investment climate and the next action to take

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